Frequently Asked Questions


A. New to Gurushala?


  1. How can I create an account in Gurushala?

Click the button ‘Sign In/Sign Up’ and then you can login through Facebook, Gmail Id or by filling up a Sign Up form


  1. Will I get too many mails from Gurushala?

Gurushala only sends select emails to its users on updation on content and does not regularly send any information through emails


  1. What all will I get if I sign up on Gurushala?

You can access free online courses, a digital content library with more than 5000 content pieces and an opportunity to create your own network.


  1. Will my data be shared with any other website?

Gurushala does not share any data of its users with any third party agency or website


  1. Is it mandatory to login for using Gurushala?

While it is not mandatory to browse through Gurushala, we encourage you to login and use Gurushshala to access multiple resources


  1. Can I use Gurushala on my Smartphone?

Yes Gurushala can be used on your Smartphone or any other device


  1. Does Gurushala provide any opportunities to contribute?

Gurushala is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with teachers to further add to the resources. You can collaborate with us on multiple things and work on them from your location. We recognize our teacher contributors through prizes and certificates apart from publishing their authorship on the portal. If you are interested to contribute then write to us at learningwithvodafone@pratham.org


  1. Can content provided on Gurushala be used for commercial purposes?

No content hosted on Gurushala including content from third party partners cannot be used for commercial purposes. All the content should only be used for educational purposes


B. Courses


  1. What kinds of courses are available on Gurushala.co?

Gurushala has created courses which attempt to provide simple doable solutions to some of the basic problems teachers face in their classrooms like student engagement, lack of attention of students, learning difficulties, socio-emotional issues of students etc.


  1. What is the difference between Course and Module?

A course is like a chapter which deals with a larger issue and a module is like topics within that chapter covering smaller aspects of the larger issue. For example: Student Engagement is a Course and it has modules like: Encouraging Academic Learning, Engaging in a lecture etc.


  1. What will I get if I complete a course?

On completion of a course you will receive a Certificate of completion and on completion of a module you will receive a acknowledgement of completion


  1. How much time would it take to complete a course?

It generally takes around 12 hours to complete a course. You can spend on an average about 2-3 hours a week


  1. Is there a fee for a course?

All resources on Gurushala including the courses are free of cost


C. Content Library


  1. Can I download the resources available in the content section?

Select content is available for download while remaining content can be accessed on Gurushala


  1. Can I upload a content resource which I have created to the DRL?

We encourage teachers to share the resources created by them. You can share your resources at learningwithvodafone@pratham.org. There are no charges for uploading your resources and the credit for the creation of resources will be given to you


  1. Which all languages is the content available?

The content is currently available in Hindi, English and Marathi


D. Staffroom


  1. What kind of activities is done in Staffroom?

Teachers can ask and answer questions on staffroom and also follow other teachers whose answers they have liked in the past. This is an online platform for teachers to communicate, discuss and debate


  1. Who answers questions on Staffroom?

Any teacher can answer questions on Staffroom


  1. Can I share my story on Staffroom?

Teachers are encouraged to share their stories on Staffroom so that other teachers can learn more from experiences of their peers


  1. What kind of questions can I ask on Staffroom?

Questions on classroom management, student engagement and different aspects of teacher’s involvement in student’s life can be asked. Questions on courses or any help needed by the teacher to make his or her work easier will also be answered.


  1. Is it possible to get an expert answer on my questions in Staffroom?

Yes, Gurushala offers live sessions with subject experts who have a lot of experience in their fields and will offer suggestions & advices to teachers.


  1. What advantage I have on posting answers on Staffroom?

Gurushala provides a platform through which teacher providing answers will be known to teachers all over India


  1. What to do if I want to receive notifications on questions only based on psychology?

Gurushala offers the options of choosing interests where you can add categories of gurushala, it will show updates according to the interest fields added


  1. What is Gurushala’s policy on obscene or offensive questions?

Gurushala provides the option to report the questions the user feels are not appropriate in nature


  1. Can I comment on someone else’s answer?

Yes, Gurushala offers the opportunity to comment & communicate your opinion on answers of other teachers.


  1. Can I know how many people have seen my question?

Yes, Gurushala offers the icon of views on the questions tab which shows how many times the question has been viewed by other users.


E. Research Corner


  1. What kinds of research papers are available in this section?

Gurushala has compiled research papers, case studies and reports which have been authored by various organizations. These papers or reports are related to various facets of education like role of technology, innovative pedagogies etc.


  1. Who has the copyright for the research papers uploaded?

The copyright of all material uploaded on Gurushala is of the organizations which have created these documents. Gurushala holds no copyright of any kind on these documents