Have you ever wondered why you excel at some tasks and in some situations while you strive to be better in some other?
Chances are it has a lot to do with your Traits: A quality that forms part of your character or personality
Knowing about our traits can help us understand our own interests, preferences, and capabilities.
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Personal Analysis and Reflection of Attitude by Teachers

In today’s ever-changing world the role of a teacher demands much more from an individual. A teacher should be equipped with an adequate understanding of subject-content, and pedagogy, on the one hand, and community and school structures and management, on the other. Teachers need to be creators of knowledge as well as thinking professionals. They need to recognize and value what children learn from their home, socio-cultural environment and to create opportunities for them to discover, learn and develop. This test has identified key traits and helps teachers measure themselves to understand and reflect on the choices they make in the classroom. Upon attempting the test, the teacher receives a detailed report which provides insights on various situations a teacher is likely to face in the classroom. The report by no means is an absolute guide to any individual's behaviour or decision-making process but a broad indicator only


What 'Traits' Does A Teacher Have?

Being a good teacher needs a lot of qualities. A good teacher is considered someone who a student will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Good teachers tend to be open, friendly, welcoming, and most importantly, they have a nurturing instinct for their students. 

Teachers who have a greater inclination towards the parental category have a caring and nurturing personality. These teachers possess traits like care, patience, and empathy which makes them more approachable and students feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts with them. Teacher handling multiple children at one time is not an easy task and requires a great deal of patience because of their patience these teachers are likely to be more adaptable to different teaching environments. These qualities of a teacher enhance student-teacher communication and create a more positive learning environment.

Because of a friendly attitude and their approachability, these teachers encourage a sense of comfort and trust in the students that helps in improving their teaching. These teachers are more willing to understand each of their individual students as they care about them. These teachers are popular among the students and are able to create a strong bond with their students. They put a lot of effort and energy to make their students succeed. Students feel comfortable in their learning space in the presence of such teachers


A good teacher is someone who is passionate about his/her profession and has that commitment to give best to the students for this being enthusiastic about the teaching-learning is really crucial.

Teachers inclined to the enthusiastic category are passionate about teaching-learning. Teaching for them is not just a job it is their passion and connection to this incredible profession that has brought them here in the classrooms. They are successful in sustaining the interest of students in the classroom by showing a positive attitude and enthusiasm throughout the lesson. They are sincere in their approach to teaching to the students. Also, they like to maintain classroom discipline for creating a positive learning environment, which supports the learning of the students. They are persistent in their approach when it comes to anything related to their profession. 

The enthusiasm of these teachers about the subject matter enhances the motivation of the students, keeps them engaged and on-task, and helps them learn the lessons well. They like offering clear explanations of the rules and the expectations with students and offer classroom opportunities to be successful in meeting these expectations.

These teachers have strong discipline skills that will effectively promote positive behaviors within the classroom and students enjoy an organized, structured environment with an emphasis on a positive educational atmosphere that maximizes the learning from the conducted class. 
Given their passion for the teaching-learning process, students can feel the vibes and show interest in their class. If a student does not fully grasp or understand the expectations or directions of a particular task or assignment, they try to communicate them to the best of his or her abilities.



The teaching profession demands creativity and a wide range of skills to handle the diversity of students in a class. As every student is different and learns differently a teacher also needs to have different solutions to overcome the situations arising in a learning environment.

These teachers are gifted with natural creativity and know when to bring the elements of arts to their daily teaching. They are always ready to solve any situation which comes in front of them with their creative skills. They are flexible in their approach and are open to new ideas. They know when to change up the plans or schedule to accommodate the needs of students. They are good at presenting difficult concepts in a simpler and interesting manner to the students. They constantly think about new ideas and try to deliberately spark interest, curiosity, and real-world application of knowledge in their class.

They know how to customize learning activities and are also ready to adapt techniques and strategies from outside the classroom. They are keen observers and look for opportunities to provide exposure to the students to learn through hands-on inquiry, questioning, writing, and art-making. They effectively use multiple methods and explanations of the concepts that capture key ideas and know-how to link them to students’ understandings. The lessons of these teachers have surprises and elements of fun which binds the attention of students. These teachers encourage and appreciate the diversity of the classrooms and help students to do the same.

These teachers encourage creative work and motivate students to bring new ideas to the classroom.
They try to make students responsible for their learning. They bring fun to the classroom even while teaching difficult concepts and are popular among the students for their distinctive qualities. They are spontaneous and are comfortable with the unknown situations which may enter anytime in their learning environment and this quality of theirs makes them a problem-solver for their students.




Subject Expert

A good teacher is expected to be a subject expert teacher, one who has great knowledge about the content of his/her subject and puts all the efforts to transfer this knowledge to the students. They remain updated about the developments related to their subject matter and constantly keep transferring this information to their students. 

Teachers who have a greater inclination towards the subject expert category are very passionate about their subject material and have great knowledge about the concepts. They realize that subject matter knowledge is not limited to what they studied rather it is complex and keeps evolving. They seek to remain updated with new ideas and understandings of their subject. These teachers have the ability to effectively express verbal, writing, and body language cues together to provide the knowledge of content to their students which brings the best results of learning in the classroom. These teachers give high value to self-discipline and try to keep themselves on the right track in order to justify their role as a teacher.

Preparation is a crucial characteristic of what makes an outstanding teacher. Preparation goes hand in hand with the organization. It is important for teachers to prepare for their classes beforehand, by reviewing all of the class material that he or she will be presenting. These teachers are great at planning their classes and also become spontaneous in their teaching methods as and when required.

These teachers are able to communicate the classroom’s curriculum in an effective and organized manner. The way they present content helps the students to understand the content and by seeing the passion of their teacher for the subject they also get engaged in the classroom. They gather the best, most valid, and reliable information to share with their students and make them understand the concept through deep learning. These teachers often prefer engaging students in hands-on practice and encourage students to ask questions. 



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