Frequently Asked Questions

Our endeavour at Gurushala is to answer all your questions. Please find below a set of frequently asked questions related to the Gurushala Rewards Programme. In case your queries are not resolved, please write to us at or call us at +91 9311409104 between 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday

Gurushala Rewards Programme

  • What is the Gurushala Rewards Programme?

    Gurushala has launched a rewards programme for teachers of India, recognizing their efforts to innovate in their classrooms, and find solutions for the multiple challenges they face while teaching. Teachers accessing Gurushala are doing multiple activities and are provided points for select activities. Upon collecting these points teachers can redeem those points for products on the Gurushala Rewards Programme

  • Am I eligible for the Gurushala Rewards programme?

    All users of Gurushala engaged who are citizens and residents of India are eligible

  • Are there any charges or fee involved?

    Ordering of the products through the Gurushala Rewards programme is completely free of cost and only on the basis of redemption of points

Ordering of the Product

  • I am unable to locate the product that I wish to shop for

    Please use the search option available to locate the product. The search option works for product searches only. It does not work for categories

  • How does the ‘Set Goal’ button work?

    In case you do not have enough points but still like a product, you can ‘Set a Goal’ by clicking the ‘Set Goal’ button. This way, you will be notified once you have to points so that you can claim the product when you have the required points

  • How much time will it take to deliver the product?

    Please allow up to four weeks from the date of request for the product to be delivered to the address provided

  • Are products shipped to all parts of the country?

    Yes, the products can be shipped to all parts of the country. However, in certain cases and for certain products the delivery may not be available in certain parts of the country. In such cases, as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions for the Gurushala Rewards Programme, Gurushala reserves the right to cancel the request for redemption. In such cases the points will be credited back to the user

  • Can I return or request for change of product after it has been ordered?

    We are sorry this facility is not currently available

  • Can I return or request for change of product after it has been ordered?

    We are sorry this facility is not currently available

  • Can I cancel or modified the product which has been ordered?

    Any product once ordered cannot be cancelled or modified

  • Can I change the address once I have placed the order?

    No, the address cannot be changed once the order is placed

  • I had selected a product and saved it in the Cart, but it is no longer available?

    We constantly keep reviewing the products as per availability and stock and thus, the product may have become unavailable after you had saved the product in your cart. Thus, it may have got removed

  • How do I know my order has been confirmed and how will I be notified on the status of the product?

    You will be sent an email, and SMS on your registered email id and mobile number respectively once your order has been placed. You will receive update on the status of the product when it is shipped and delivered

Products Received

  • It has been over a month and I have not received my product?

    Please fill up the query form and we will get back to you at the earliest

  • The product I have received is of a different colour, brand or make than the one shown on Gurushala?

    The images displayed for the product are representational only. The make, model, type, colour, brand or any other identifying aspect of the product delivered can be different than that what has been shown on Gurushala. The shipping of the product selected may vary based on the availability of the product. Gurushala reserves the right to substitute a similar product for the one that you have requested

  • I have received the product which is broken. damaged or is not working?

    In case a broken or damaged product is received, you are requested to inform Gurushala through the query form with three days of receipt of the product. We will be unable to process any intimation after that period. Do remember to attach photos or videos of the product in the form for verification

Other queries

  • I had a few queries regarding the Gurushala Rewards Programme. How can I contact Gurushala?

    You can write to us at or call us at +91 9311409104 between 10 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday