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Chandni Dabral
Posted 5 days ago Chandni Dabral

Activity  divisibility criteria 
Each students will write 10 digit telephone number of his/ her family members and explain how you know whether your number is divisible by 2,3,4,5 or 6. Circle either is or is not rule works...

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Rahila Ahmed
Posted 8 days ago Rahila Ahmed

I think you should follow your passion in life to get success and education will only limit your path.

Seema Kumari
Posted 2 hr ago Seema Kumari

Plan, implement, assess, and adjust curriculum (content & instruction - teaching & learning) to facilitate learning, develop positive attitudes toward learning, demonstrate a caring attitude that protects the dignity...

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Seema Kumari
Posted 2 hr ago Seema Kumari

The ability of the body or cell to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes. Homeostasis is important because all living organisms...

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