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Syed Samdani Telangana State Best Teacher Awardee 215367
Priya Soni 189260
Chandni Dabral 152332
Shobha Gurmukhdas Methwani 136442
Lalit Patel 124990
Manish Tiwari 105085
Mrs Sunita Shirtode 77420
Pawan Kumar 47740
Kalpana Rajauriya 42440
Ananya M
Posted 2 day ago Ananya M

Acharya is a Sanskrit term meaning “one who teaches by their conduct.” An acharya is a teacher who leads by example. It is used for teachers and gurus of yoga, as well as for the instructor, sect leader or learned person in many India...

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Sanjay Sharma
Posted 2 day ago Sanjay Sharma संजय शर्मा , M.S.Mundri, Ratlam

प्राइमरी और मिडिल क्लास के बच्चो के लिए ट्रेडिशनल पैटर्न ही उचित होता है । पर हायर क्लासेस , कॉलेज के बच्चो की ऑनलाइन  मोड  में भी परीक्षा करवाई जा सकती है ,जिससे  समय , धन और श्रम की भी बचत हो सकती है ।

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Ananya M
Posted 3 day ago Ananya M

Physical Activity is like Medicine, according to SPARK author, John Ratey, MD we should “think of exercise as medicine.”
We know that exercise helps with executive functions like sequencing, memory, and prioritizing which contribute...

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Ananya M
Posted 3 day ago Ananya M

Discipline is one of the most important things in a student’s life. It is crucial to follow the discipline in School. Along with education, students must learn the discipline in School because without the discipline; students can’t be...

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Posted 5 day ago MEENAKSHI HOODA

Communities have intrinsic educational assets and resources that teaches can use to enhance learning experiences for students.Community based learning can improve students retention and engagement and help students better absorb, reta...

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