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Savita Gopal Mali
Posted 3 hr ago Savita Gopal Mali

With the help of smaller goals students improves theirself and they motivated, develop their skills to achieve bigger goals.

Posted 2 day ago MEENAKSHI HOODA

Some parts and law of constitution are included in social studies and we read them. If it is added as a separate subject then it will  be extra load on students. It will  also require extra efforts.

Harshita Chauhan
Posted 2 day ago Harshita Chauhan

Crime is committed because of criminal mindset . Many people with knowing the impact & punishment also commit crimes. 
उदाहरण - ये समाज में रहने वाले हर एक नागरिक को पता है कि किसी को जान से मारने पर आपको कैपिटल पनिशमेंट मिलेगा तो क्...

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