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Chandni Dabral
Posted 5 days ago Chandni Dabral

Activity  divisibility criteria 
Each students will write 10 digit telephone number of his/ her family members and explain how you know whether your number is divisible by 2,3,4,5 or 6. Circle either is or is not rule works...

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Rahila Ahmed
Posted 8 days ago Rahila Ahmed

I think you should follow your passion in life to get success and education will only limit your path.

Rasika Taru
Posted 2 days ago Rasika Taru

what is the chemical reaction?

Kriti Rajaria
Posted 15 days ago Kriti Rajaria

Great question sir. It is a tough issue to tackle. We can do one small activity:
gather the students and ask them about why they fear their parents. Jot down some common points. 
After this meeting, gather parents together (in...

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Kriti Rajaria
Posted 15 days ago Kriti Rajaria

For this, as teachers we can do the following things:
1. Underatand: Make then understand how online classes still mean normal classes
2. space for students: assigned time and space can be given for students where there's very littl...

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Kriti Rajaria
Posted 15 days ago Kriti Rajaria

For this situation, as parents we should always support the students and encourage them. So try to make the parents understand how they can contribute even without education. All they have to be is supportive and understanding. 

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Kriti Rajaria
Posted 15 days ago Kriti Rajaria

This is a really good question, ma'am. Parents need to understand that their role is very important in a child's learning. If the child is not completing their homework or has problem in any particular subject or chapter or topic, you...

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