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Lalit Patel 64190
Mrs Sunita Shirtode 63610
Syed Samdani Telangana State Best Teacher Awardee 56260
Chandni Dabral 51540
Kalpana Rajauriya 38870
Mitesh Sharma 24240
Priya Soni 21360
Manish Tiwari 16830
Pawan Kumar 14690
Poonam Bhargava
Posted 9 day ago Poonam Bhargava Edu-preneur, Director, VNAND - The Learning Academy

Physical objects, chalk and blackboard and above all teachers cant be replaced ever. What in this scenario can utmost help in, is our compassion with our learners and their inhibitions and learning disabilities to help them cope with...

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Seema Kumari
Posted 8 day ago Seema Kumari Gurushala Teacher Coach

While teachers may have difficulty getting children to pay attention to a classroom lesson, they rarely have difficulty motivating a student to use a computer. While students are not always interested in a lecture, they may find they...

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Nikku Yadav
Posted 12 day ago Nikku Yadav

irst, fast food consumption can affect the health of individuals. Most consumers who consume fast foods are becoming obese. Obesity is a sign of less productivity in the economy with adverse health conditions like heart diseases and d...

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