Gurushala Workshop on 'Coding and our Future'


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Ananya M
Posted 5 day ago Ananya M

Research conducted by UK’s Institute of Public Policy Research (West & Patterson, 1999, p. 22), based
on an 8-year long study of 100 companies, concluded that "an employee's satisfaction with their work
and a positive view of the or...

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Srenidhe Ravikumar
Posted 7 day ago Srenidhe Ravikumar

1. assessing their drawbacks  and correcting  their  mistakes and laggings according to their  iq level and  learning pace.
2.  friendly approach and  simple methodology  helps them to enhance  their skills at  rapid rate.
3, practi...

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Posted 11 day ago MEENAKSHI HOODA

Get to know students and let them get to know you,hold them accountable for listening,model good listening behavior, let them help each other listen.

Posted 11 day ago Shanaya

Children who would be returning to school and the children who will be enrolling afresh in rural schools need support – psychological and emotional – to enable them to get back into the rhythm of learning. Nandita Choudhry, an importa...

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