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pradeep negi
Posted 21 hr ago pradeep negi


Rahila Ahmed
Posted 19 hr ago Rahila Ahmed

The power of patience helps effective parents deal calmly and rationally with day-to-day problems and annoyances. It lets them stay focused on the "bigger picture" and not get bogged down by daily hassles. Pat...

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Mitesh Sharma
Posted 22 hr ago Mitesh Sharma

On the basis of data analysis, it was found that school environment have significant effect on selected personality traits. development of children's personality. The school is the chief continuing and supplementing institution in whi...

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Mitesh Sharma
Posted 22 hr ago Mitesh Sharma

To prevent irritating classroom behaviours, a teacher should adopt acceptable classroom rules and periodically review them until the students can successfully adhere.

Yogyata Negi
Posted 24 hr ago Yogyata Negi



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