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Dr Kavita Bajpai
Posted 8 hr ago Dr Kavita Bajpai

In most of the cases where 1st generation Id going to a formal school the responsibility of the educators is immense. Supporting, helping and motivating students and getting parents along is important. Helping the students with additi...

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Dr Kavita Bajpai
Posted 9 hr ago Dr Kavita Bajpai

Create a study routine. Don't press snooze again just while studying at home. Remember your end goal. Remember your end goal. Check in with classmates.Relax, recharge and reward.

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Ananya M
Posted 9 days ago Ananya M

The sprinting of the trees symbolises the rapidly passing years of human's life from childhood to old age. This image, which shows activity and strength, is contrasted with that of her old and weak mother who seems...

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