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Rajeshwari Sahay
Posted 9 day ago Rajeshwari Sahay

Teaching is the most essential profession across time and space. For any society, a teacher can make or break ideas, norms, beliefs and systems by training an entire generation of students how to think. A teacher is one the most...

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Gurushala Expert
Posted 1 mon ago Gurushala Expert

One way of teaching a complex but significant topic like Politics in India is through activities. Being a rather theoretical subject with essential application to real life, it is important that students are familiarised with concepts...

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Mamta Puri
Posted 21 day ago Mamta Puri Mamta Puri

Yes ma'am It's really a wonderful tool for a teacher to explain the concept in systematic manner. Moreover it can be converted into a video to make it more effective . I use it in almost every concept.

Posted 1 mon ago Shanaya

In that case, I would suggest that teachers can take ideas from DIB creation and make physical worksheets to share with students. The same ideas can be applied to hard copies as well. we can create questions and quizzes on c...

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