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Anshika Arora
Posted 2 mon ago Anshika Arora Anshika Arora Sr. Recruitment Adviser University of Exeter, UK a.arora@exeter.ac.uk

Sir, zaroor samjhayenge, aap chintit na ho

Baljeet Kaur
Posted 2 mon ago Baljeet Kaur

Teachers are rolemodels for children . A good, supportive teacher can build the confidence of the children . If children are scared of their teacher , they  will never open up or ask questions.  
Children never forget a good teacher...

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Shweta Jain
Posted 2 mon ago Shweta Jain Teacher

i think yes . this is great example to motivating other students...

Posted 2 mon ago RACHITA SHARMA Academic Manager, International Delhi Public School Jammu

Gaining student's concentration in a class in a very important thing. The key is keeping their retention time in mind and planning accordingly. When a student attends classes with full attention, it is mostly because of good content a...

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